Maximus is Cashless, which means that every sales point of food, beverages and official products will only accept Metals, Maximus official currency, as payment method.

In addition to ticket, your Maximus bracelet works as debit card. It will grant you access to your Cashless Maximus account and should be used as payment method for every item inside the festival, through tapping your RFID chip in the readers located in every sales point.

The RFID chip bracelets are the latest technology in events and the benefits are multiple:
  • immediate access to the show;
  • safe and fast purchases;
  • balance check and transactions tracking through your online Cashless Maximus Fesival account;
  • balance check through tapping the chip in stand by readers located in cashier and sales points;
  • Refunds after the event!
Please, take care of your bracelet and keep it in a safe place. Wear your bracelet only on the event day and keep it visible.

Don´t leave your chip next to magnetic fields or mobile phones and don´t wet it. It is water resistant, not proof.

Keep in a safe and secret place the number data of your bracelete – UID and security code. These numbers are importante for any claims related to your Maximus Cashless account.
To receive your bracelet, you can buy your ticket online at www.livepass.com.br ora t the sales points listed on www.livepass.com.br/pontos/

In the purchase moment you can choose:
  • receive your bracelet at home for purchases made until April 24.
  • trade your ticket / voucher for the bracelet in the authorized points pre event: Morumbi Stadium from April 20 to May 12; or Autódromo de Interlagos from May 10 to May 13.
  • trade your ticket / voucher for the bracelet at the swap stations on the event.
If you selected the option of receiving your bracelet at home or chose to retrive it before the event, you will have to ACTIVATE YOUR BRACELET.

How do I activate my Maximus bracelet?
To activate your Maximus bracelet you need to open a personal account at the Maximus Cashless System.

After the activation you can pre-charge your account with Metals using your credit card.

Activating your bracelet is easy, please follow the steps below:
  1. Click below in Activate My Maximus Bracelet from April 24th – you will be directed to the Cashless System website
  2. Register your account in the Cashless system – with this account you can control your sependings, your charges, visualize consumation and charge receipts and much more.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from Maximus Festival 2017 to activate your account;
  4. Activate your account and register your Wristband;
  5. Click in My Maxymus Bracelet and insert your bracelet data in the activation fields. These numbers are located at the back of your bracelet and are composed by Security Code (6 digits) and UID (16 digits)
  6. Done! Your Maximus bracelet is active and you are ready to start charging it with Metals!

In the festival day, wear your bracelet on your wrist and go straight to the entrance gates. In case of any issues, go to a client care point where a qualified team will help you.

You can buy any products you want with your pre-charged bracelet.
You can charge your bracelet online through the Cashless Maximus website or at the top up stations spread throughout the event.
If you wanna buy anything at the festival, just go to a sales point, touch your bracelet in a reader, and place your order. Confirm by touching it for the second time and that´s it! Your purchase is concluded.

For those who prefer to pick up their wristbands only on the day of the event, charges may be made at the festival, at the top up stations using cash and debit and credit cards.
In case you run out of Metals during the event, go to a cashier and deposit the amount you desire up to R$ 1980,00,00 per transaction. You can also do it online during the event by accessing your Maximus Cashless account online with your 3G / 4G mobile phone.

You can charge online only in combos of R$30,00, and online charges have a limit of R$990,00.

** At the event site it is possible to charge values lower than R $ 30.00 (8MTL) or with increments of R $ 3.75 (1MTL).
In case you didn´t spend all your metals during the festival, don´t worry, the refund is one of the benefits from the Cashless system.

Except for bonuses (if existing) and since you fulfill all the right procedures to ask for your refund, the Money you didn´t spend will be returned to you within the deadlines established by the event organization.
A 02 metal refund fee applies.
Automatic refund for online charges with credit card:
Applies to bracelets that were charged online by credit card. The amount of remaining Metals, except Bonus Metals (if any) and 02 Metals reimbursement rate will be refunded automatically in the same cedit card used for the credits purchase.

**The Maximus Festival advises you to charge online with credit cards so that your refund is automatically done after the event at the prompt determined by the organization or financial managers. Start date of transactions on June 1, 2017

Manual refund for charges done at the event:
Applies to bracelets that were charged at the Maximus Festival venue with money and / or credit or debit card. You must fill in an online form that will be available after the festival in cashless.maximusfestival.com website on May 13, 2017 from 23h (BRT) until May 24, 2017 23h59 (BRT) *. A 2 Metals reimbursement rate will be applied.

* The Maximus Festival reserves the right to change dates and hours if needed.

The manual refund transactions will start in June 5, 2017.
In manifesting interest in Maximus Festival you expressly consent to the benefits of the bracelet charging system and the terms and conditions described in this Regulation and available on the official website.

When using Cashless system we understand that you have science and accepted the terms and conditions of this Regulation, without restrictions.

In case of any doubts visit our or send an email to cashless@maximusfestival.com.br

See you at Maximus!
© Maximus Festival 2017