Once you receive your Maximus Bracelet, follow the steps below to activate your bracelet :
  1. Access, from April 24, the site www.maximusfestival.com.br/cashless.html
  2. Click on Activate my Maximus Bracelet . You will be redirect to the registration website. On the website, enter your personal data and register your account in the Cashless system - with this account you can control your expenses, your charges, check your consumption receipts and more.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email from Maximus Festival 2017 to activate your account;
  4. Activate your account and register your Bracelet;
  5. Click on My Maximus Bracelet and enter the details of your bracelet in the activation fields. These data are located in the back of the plastic tag and they are Security Code (6 digits) and User ID (16 digits)
  6. That’s it! Your Maximus Bracelet is active and you are ready to start Topping Up with Metals!
The Maximus Festival has “Metals” as official currency and it is necessary for you to consume at the festival to top up your bracelet with Metals according to your consumption needs.

The conversion rate is available on our website site www.maximusfestival.com.br/cashless.html

You may top up your bracelet either online by credit card before and during the festival, as with credit cards, debit cards and cash in the Top Up Stations during the event.
We offer several options to top up your bracelet with Metals:
  1. Online at www.cashless.maximusfestival.com you can load before and during the festival. Before the Festival, for your convenience, the bracelet can be topped up with " Metals combos" Minimum top up is R$ 30,00 and maximum R$ 990,00 (intervals of R$ 30,00).

    See conversion table on our website.
  2. At the festival, on the Top Up Stations located all over the Maximus Festival.

    To make your experience more enjoyable and optimize your time, we recommend that you load your bracelet with Metals online before the festival.

    To do this, enter the cashless registration page and follow the instructions.

    By doing so, you already arrive at the event free to consume and have fun. By choosing to top up online you will have more advantage by getting an automatic refund in case you have unspent Metals after the event.
The bracelet that you use to enter the festival has an RFID tag and this bracelet will also be used for Cashless transactions because the tag codes gives access to a cashless account and that account stores your credits in Metals.

You can charge your bracelet online with Metals using a credit card (before and during the festival) and at the festival, through top up stations using debit cards, credit and money. A Cashless purchase transaction works as follows:
Step 1: The visitor touches their RFID Wristband in a reader and the balance of that account will be displayed.
Step 2: The clerk of the point of sale registers the request and the terminal displays the amount of Cashless Metals necessary for payment.
Step 3: The visitor touches their RFID bracelet on the reader again to confirm the purchase.
Step 4: The RFID reader shows the new balance of Metals contained in Bracelet
Step 5: Customer receives their order.
It is very easy to keep track of your Metal balance. We created the following options, always thinking of your comfort:
  1. Online at www.cashless.maximusfestival.com after activating your bracelet and creating your personal account; click on Activate / Check balance.
  2. At Maximus Festival points of sale and Cashless Costumer Service. Just tap your bracelet in an available reader.
If you have not consumed all your Metals during the festival, don’t worry, refund is one of the advantages of Cashless system.

Except for bonuses earned in promotional transactions (if any), if you comply the necessary procedures correctly to request your refund, the money you have not spent will be refunded within the time limits set by the organizer of the event.
Refunds are subject to a rate of 2 Metals.
Automatic refund for online charges with credit card:

Applies to bracelets that were topped up online by credit card. The amount of remaining Metals, except Bonus Metals (if any) and 02 Metals reimbursement rate will be refunded automatically.

**The Maximus Festival advises you to charge online with credit cards so that your refund is automatically done after the event at the prompt determined by the organization or financial managers, Transaction starts on June 1, 2017.

Manual refund for charges done at the event:

Applies to bracelets that were charged at the Maximus Festival venue with money and / or credit or debit card. You must fill in an online form that will be available after the festival in www.cashless.maximusfestival.com website on May 13, 2017 from 23h (BRT) until May 24, 2017 23h59 (BRT) *. A 2 Metals reimbursement rate will be applied.

* The Maximus Festival reserves the right to change dates and hours if needed.

The Manual refund starts on June 5, 2017.

Note: Metals acquired and unspent may be refunded, and the procedure for request takes place in two distinct ways:
  1. Refund for credits purchased online before or during the event by credit card - This refund will be automatically performed in the purchaser's card bill, depending on the processing date of the refund and invoice of your credit card. If processing occurs after closing the current bill, the balance will be refund in the next.
  2. Refund for credits acquired in a cashless cashiers during the event by credit card, debit card or cash need to fill the form available online at cashless.maximusfestival.com website, from the day May 13, 2017 from 23h to May 24, 2017 at 23h59 (BRT).

**Important: Customers native or based in other countries should prioritize the online charge method, so that the remaining Metals refunds are done automatically. If they choose to charge at the venue, the online form must be filled in indicating a bank account based in Brazil for deposit. These refunds are also subject to a rate of 02 Metals.

To any type of refund will be charged only the amount of 02 Metals, regardless of the type or amount of refunds client is eligible, automatic and / or manual.

See deadlines for refund request on Maximus Festival Cashless Terms & Conditions.

In case of any Bonus Metals (if they exist), they will not be reimbursed.

We recommend that you connect your bracelet with an event cashless online account so you can keep track of all transactions that you made.

Access cashless.maximusfestival.com to create your account. For this you will have to enter your UID (16 digits) and your security code (6 digits), both located in the back of your bracelet. Keep these numbers on a safe place.
If you have lost your bracelet before the festival, please write to cashless@maximusfestival.com
If during the festival you lose your bracelet, immediately go to some of the Cashless Costumer Service points and our staff will assist you in replacing your bracelet. If you have an online personal account on Cashless system, you can immediately block your bracelet by your own cell phone and then go to a Cashless Costumer Service to perform the replacement of your lost bracelet by some other Cashless device available determined by the event organizer.

It is important that you take care of your wristband as you take care of your money. The festival is NOT responsible for amounts lost because of robbery and theft or loss of existing credits in your account if you lost or damaged your bracelet.
No problem! You can choose to connect to your bracelet in cashless.maximusfestival.com through your cell phone. Keep in mind that you can always charge your bracelet with cash, debit and credit cards in the top up stations at Maximus Festival.
The Cashless system is very safe and this is the main reason why we decided to use it in Maximus Festival.

The system is certified as a bank, all information is encrypted, and the data is not written directly on RFID Wristband, but in its Cashless account.

In case of loss or theft, you must access your account Cashless to block your bracelet. If you do not have a Cashless account, although strongly recommended that you create one once you have your bracelet in hand, head to one of the points of Cashless Customer Service in the event and your bracelet will be canceled or replaced according to the evaluation of competent staff.

Remember to write down the codes of your bracelet in a safe place, so in case of loss or theft will be possible to track down your transactions.
- For more information about Cashless visit www.maximusfestival.com/cashless.html - If you need help with your Maximus Bracelet Festival or any other matter related to the Cashless send an email to cashless@maximusfestival.com.br
- For more information about Cashless visit www.maximusfestival.com/cashless.html " style="color:#000000;"> www.maximusfestival.com/cashless.html

- If you need help with your Maximus Bracelet Festival or any other matter related to the Cashless send an email to cashless@maximusfestival.com.br
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